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             Pastor's Whiteboard

    "Pastor's Whiteboards" are representations, diagrams and/or illustrations used during the presentation of material such as a Sunday School lesson. They are primarily photographs of the actual whiteboard illustration or diagram.

   The following "Pastor's Whiteboards" are available on this site: [Author is Pastor Judd, unless otherwise identified]
DateUsed for:|||DateUsed for:
Jan 24, 2010
Adult Sunday School|||Oct 24, 2010Adult Sunday School
Jan 31, 2010Adult Sunday School|||Nov 11, 2010Adult Sunday School
Feb 7, 2010
Adult Sunday School|||Nov 28, 2010Adult Sunday School [R.E. Gary Miller]
Feb 14, 2010
Adult Sunday School|||Jan 9, 2011Adult Sunday School
Feb 28, 2010
Adult Sunday School|||Jan 23, 2011Adult Sunday School
Mar 7, 2010
Adult Sunday School|||Jan 30, 2011Adult Sunday School
Mar 14, 2010
Adult Sunday School|||Sep 25, 2011Adult Sunday School
Mar 28, 2010
Adult Sunday School|||Oct 2, 2011Adult Sunday School
Apr 4, 2010
Adult Sunday School|||Oct 9, 2011Adult Sunday School
Apr 11, 2010Adult Sunday School|||Oct 23, 2011Adult Sunday School
May 9, 2010Adult Sunday School|||
May 23, 2010Adult Sunday School|||
May 30, 2010Adult Sunday School|||
Jun 6, 2010Adult Sunday School|||
Sep 12, 2010Adult Sunday School|||
Oct 10, 2010Adult Sunday School|||