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Memorial OPC
650 Merchants Road
Rochester, NY 14609
(585) 482-1174

What is "Sermoncast"?

These icons indicate the availability of an audio feed in RSS (Really Simple Syndication) format commonly known as a "podcast." We've called it a "Sermoncast." Podcasting is a distribution of audio content for listening on mobile devices and personal computers. This feature on our web site gives you the ability to subscribe to Memorial Presbyterian's weekly sermons and (optionally) have them downloaded to your computer automatically (a broadband internet connection is recommended).. You will then be able to listen to the new files in a media player program on your computer or they may be copied to your portable digital music player. The sermons are in MP3 format.

iTunes sermoncast icon "Sermoncast for iTunes" is for subscribing specifically using iTunes® software. Clicking this link will subscribe you to Memorial's Sermoncast in your copy of iTunes®. (iTunes® software is available at no charge from

RSS sermoncast icon RSS feed  The “Sermoncast RSS feed” link will allow you to subscribe using other “podcatcher” software and/or via a “news reader” which will notify you with a “news article” when a new sermon has been posted to Memorial's web site. (This type of subscription will not normally download the sermons automatically, though some readers may have that capability.) News readers include “Microsoft Internet Explorer,” “Google Reader,” and others. If clicking on the link doesn’t work, you may have to right-click the link, select “Copy Shortcut...”, and then manually subscribe from your newsreader, pasting this shortcut into the dialog box when requested.

If you use a personal home page or “portal” that you can personalize, customize, or modify, you may also be able to add a Sermoncast feed to your page. Look for a way to “add content” or “add feed” on your personal home page. Sites such as,,,, and others have this feature.

More questions? See Sermoncast FAQ / Help  click for help or info