Memorial OPC Adult Sunday School, Spring 2008
A Brief Overview of Covenant Theology

(Using as a guide - Covenants: God's Way with His People, by O. Palmer Robertson) 

Part 3, March 23, 2008

The Breaking of the Covenant of Works and the Establishment of a Second Covenant

Review of the Covenant of Works.

Definition of Covenant: A sovereignly imposed binding relationship with the sanction of life or death.

We Broke the Covenant of Works (In Adam).

God Has Enforced the Covenant of Works.

  1. With sanctions for all in time. 
  2. With everlasting sanctions for many.

God Established a Second Covenant After We Broke the Covenant of Works

"And I will put enmity
between you and the woman
and between your seed and her seed.
He will crush you on the head,
and you will crush him on the heel." (trans. BE)
What is the difference between the covenant of works and the covenant of grace?
What is the reach in time of the covenant of grace?

Questions for Application

  1. Compare these two Biblical prayers: "Blot out my transgressions" and "Forgive us our debts." Why should we pray the second one?
  2. "In Adam's fall, we sinned all." What does our society today believe about man's natural condition? How does this view bear fruit?
  3. Perhaps you've taken a step forward in knowledge by understanding that in the covenant of grace we have a double mercy. How should this affect you? Are you sometimes tempted to think stingy thoughts toward God?