Memorial OPC Adult Sunday School, Spring 2008
A Brief Overview of Covenant Theology

(Using as a guide - Covenants: God's Way with His People, by O. Palmer Robertson) 

Part 2, March 16, 2008

The Shape of Relationships Before the Fall into Sin

  1. Relationships: In the Beginning...Genesisi:!; 1:26-2:3

    1. What relationships exist in the beginning?
    2. What new relationships are brought into existence through God's work of creation?
    3. How would we draw a picture to visualize this? How do these relationships help to define all of life?
  2. Institutions: In the Beginning...

    1. What new institutions are established by God in His work of creation?
      1. Genesis 2:1-3
      2. Genesis 2:15
      3. Genesis 2:18-25
    2. How do these institutions intersect with the relationships already looked at? How can we add this to our picture?
  3. God Established Relationships and Institutions Defining All of Life 

    1. All of life a three-legged stool: the 3-W's
      1. W_________ - our relationship with God in the midst of His community (church).
      2. W_________ - our vocation (calling) under God, over this creation, for the welfare of the commonwealth.
      3. W_________ - our relationship to family; as a child to parents; as a parent to children; as a spouse to spouse.
    2. In a very real sense, all of life rests upon this three-legged stool. If you take any one of the three legs away, the stool cannot stand.
    3. If we remain immature in any of these areas our lives the very foundation of society is put into jeopardy.
    4. Our calling from God in Jesus Christ is then to grow in maturity in each one of these areas - to be discipled to embrace the fullness of Christ as Lord and Savior in each of these.
  4. Further Questions:

    1. How has the entrance of sin impacted each leg in the three-legged stool that we talked about in class?
      1. Impact on the "leg" of worship?
      2. Impact on the "leg" of work?
      3. Impact on the "leg" of wedlock?
    2. How does the work of Jesus Christ address the impact of sin on each of the three legs?
      1. Worship?
      2. Work?
      3. Wedlock?