Memorial Orthodox Presbyterian Church                                                                            4/4/2010

Events Surrounding the Last Day

I. The great tribulation (Satan's little season, the man of sin)

II. Christ's return/descent from heaven to the earth

             > With all the holy angels

             > With the souls of the departed saints following

             > Accompanied by great cosmic disturbances and upheaval

             > The great shout & the last trumpet

III. The general resurrection of the dead— both the just and unjust

             > The bodies of the righteous dead are raised/glorified and reunited with their souls as they descend with Christ.

             > The bodies/souls of the righteous living are translated/glorified and "caught up" to be with the Lord in the air as He descends.

             > The bodies of the unjust dead are raised unto dishonor and reunited with their souls to stand on earth and behold Christ descending.

             > The bodies/souls of the unjust living are transformed unto dishonor as they stand on earth and behold Christ descending.

IV. The General Judgment: The Righteous Judged (Matthew 25:31-46, 2Corinthians 5:10)

         A. Who will be our Judge?

1. The judge on the Last Day will be none other than...


2. This will greatly intensify the terror and undoing of those outside of Christ.


3. But how different this will be for the believer...

         B. What will be judged?

1. There has not been universal agreement on this question. Some say...


2. The vast majority argue (and I agree)...


3. A public manifestation and examination of what? 4 things...


4. Your true character will be revealed on that day.

         C. Why will we be judged?

1. A public acquittal

2. A magnification of God's grace and mercy

3. A public vindication

4. A demonstration that God's decision is right and proper

5. A distribution of rewards

         D. What good is it for us to know this?


1. Though all will be revealed on the Last Day, the believer in Christ has nothing to fear.


2. Because all will be revealed on the Last Day by our Savior, it should be our goal and aim to be found well pleasing to Him.


3. As you will not miss your appointment on the Last Day, your preparation for that day should be obvious now.